Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: svarna

  svarna—gold    SB 1.9.2, SB 4.25.14, SB 10.12.4, Adi 13.113, Madhya 4.100
  svarna—golden    SB 4.21.1, SB 4.24.51, SB 4.26.1-3
  svarna—of gold    SB 3.11.9
  svarna-angada—golden armlets    Adi 5.186
  svarna-kaksa-patakabhih—decorated with flags with golden embroidery    SB 9.10.35-38
  svarna-mudrara—made of gold    Adi 13.112
  svarna-prasthah—Svarnaprastha    SB 5.19.29-30
  svarna-punkhaih—with golden feathers attached    SB 8.11.23
  svarna-yuthibhih—svarna-yuthis    SB 8.2.14-19

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