Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: sutrera

  sutrera—of the sutras    Adi 14.4, Madhya 6.131, Madhya 6.132
  sutrera—of the Brahma-sutra    Madhya 25.89, Madhya 25.97, Madhya 25.142
  sutrera—of the codes of the Vedanta-sutra    Madhya 25.41
  sutrera—of the codes of Vedanta-sutra    Madhya 25.93
  sutrera—of Brahma-sutra    Madhya 25.97
  sutrera—of the Vedanta-sutra    Madhya 25.142
  brahma-sutrera bhasya—the commentary on the Brahma-sutra codes    Madhya 25.100
  ei sutrera—of the synopsis of this book    Madhya 24.329
  sarva-sutrera—of all the aphorisms of the Vedanta-sutra    Adi 7.147
  sutrera artha—the meaning of the sutras    Madhya 6.130
  sutrera artha—meanings of the sutras    Madhya 6.131
  tanra sutrera artha—the meaning of Vyasadeva's Vedanta-sutra    Madhya 25.92
  vyasa-sutrera—of the Vedanta-sutra, by Vyasadeva    Madhya 6.138
  vyasa-sutrera—of the Vedanta-sutra    Madhya 6.170
  vyasa-sutrera—the codes of Vyasadeva (Vedanta-sutra)    Madhya 25.24
  vyasa-sutrera—of the codes of the Vedanta known as Vyasa-sutra    Madhya 25.44
  vyasa-sutrera—of the Vedanta-sutra, written by Vyasadeva    Madhya 25.91

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