Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: suska

  śuṣka—dry    SB 4.23.5, Madhya 2.28, Madhya 3.37, Madhya 8.259, Madhya 13.107, Madhya 14.199, Madhya 19.128, Antya 8.27, Antya 13.67, Antya 16.129 (and more...)
  śuṣka—withered    SB 3.17.7
  śuṣka-vairāgya—dry renunciation    Madhya 23.105, Antya 8.65
  śuṣka kāṣṭha—a piece of dry wood    Antya 18.30
  śuṣka vasana—dry garments    Madhya 12.152
  śuṣka-in-dhana—dry wood    Antya 16.124
  śuṣka-jñāne jīvat-mukta—so-called liberated in this life by dry, speculative knowledge    Madhya 24.130
  śuṣka-kāṣṭha āni—collecting dry wood from the forest    Madhya 25.204
  śuṣka-kāṣṭha-sama—exactly like dry wood    Adi 12.70
  śuṣka-parṇa-tṛṇa-vīrudhā—by eating only the dry leaves and herbs    SB 5.8.31
  śuṣka-patra—dry leaves    Antya 13.17
  śuṣka-rudita—dry, artificial crying    Madhya 14.176
  śuṣka-ruditam—dry crying    Madhya 14.200
  śuṣka-tarka—of dry logic    Madhya 14.87
  śuṣka-vastra—dry cloth    Antya 18.101

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