Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: sura

  sura—the demigods    SB 1.3.22, SB 1.8.43, SB 2.6.13-16, SB 4.8.45, SB 6.12.5, SB 8.9.28
  sura—the theists    SB 1.3.16, SB 1.3.24
  sura—by the demigods    SB 2.9.10, SB 7.3.37-38
  sura—of demigods    SB 4.16.27, SB 5.25.7
  sura—of the demigods    SB 8.24.5, SB 9.14.7
  sura—liquor    SB 4.18.16, SB 5.1.33
  sura—of the denizens of heaven    SB 1.12.6
  sura—demigod    SB 2.10.41
  sura—the other demigods, headed by King Indra, Candra and Varuna    SB 5.18.22
  sura—and of all learned sages    SB 9.8.7
  sura—by demigods    Madhya 20.270
  sura-ganah—the demigods    SB 4.18.15, SB 6.6.45, SB 8.5.3, SB 8.9.28, SB 8.10.4, SB 8.14.2
  sura-ganaih—by the demigods    SB 4.1.58, SB 6.7.34, SB 8.6.1
  sura-sresthah—O best of the demigods    SB 6.7.21, SB 6.9.47
  sura-ganan—the demigods    SB 4.1.57, SB 6.11.6
  sura-indra—the King of heaven    SB 1.11.6, SB 8.7.31
  sura-varaih—by the best of the demigods    SB 5.14.44, Madhya 9.269
  akhila-sura-asura-adi—by all demigods and demons    Antya 3.85
  bhakta-sura—of the heroic devotees.    Adi 10.62
  bhu-sura-kulat—from the group of demigods on this earth (the brahmanas)    SB 4.26.24
  sura-gehe—in the house of Surasena.    SB 3.1.26
  sura-maninam—of persons who consider themselves heroes.    SB 6.11.4
  sura-sutena—by Vasudeva, the son of Surasena    SB 10.2.18
  maha-sura—most formidable    Madhya 1.44
  nanda-upananda-krtaka-sura-adyah—Nanda, Upananda, Krtaka, Sura and others    SB 9.24.47-48
  sa-sura-asura-manavah—the demigods, the demons and the human beings    SB 8.8.9
  sarva-sura-adhyaksah—the leader of all the demigods    SB 10.4.42
  sura-adhama—O lowest of the demigods    SB 3.18.3
  sura-anika-upari—above the heads of the soldiers of the demigods    SB 8.10.45
  sura-anikam—numbers of demigods    SB 7.1.12
  sura-arcitam—adored by the demigods    SB 1.16.24
  sura-ardanat—disturbing to the demigods.    SB 3.15.1
  sura-arin—the enemies of the demigods    SB 8.12.47
  sura-arhanah—presentations by the demigods    SB 4.21.9
  sura-ari-yutha-pah—the other leaders of the demons (not only Hiranyakasipu).    SB 7.8.16
  sura-asura-isaih—by the best of the demigods and demons    SB 4.6.40
  sura-asura-idyah—worshiped by the demons and by the demigods    SB 4.31.3
  sura-asura-ganaih—by the demigods and asuras    SB 8.6.38
  sura-asura-indraih—by the leaders of the demons and the demigods    SB 8.7.10
  sura-asurah—the demigods and the demons    SB 8.7.9
  sura-balam—the soldiers of the demigods    SB 6.10.26
  sura-srestha—O chief of the demigods    SB 3.12.10
  sura-sresthah—chief demigods    SB 4.1.16
  sura-dvisah—of the enemy of the demigods    SB 7.7.9
  sura-dvisah—O demons    SB 8.9.10
  sura-dvisam—of those who are envious of the demigods.    SB 1.8.33
  sura-dvisam—those who are against the will of the Lord.    SB 1.13.49
  sura-dvisam—of the enemies of the demigods    SB 6.7.39
  sura-danava—between the demigods and the demons    SB 9.14.5
  sura-darubhih—sura-daru trees    SB 8.2.9-13
  sura-isa—O King of the demigods    SB 6.11.19
  sura-isa—the controllers of the demigods    SB 9.4.53-54
  sura-isvara—O Lord of the suras, the civilized persons    SB 10.3.22
  sura-isvaraih—with the chiefs of all the heavenly planets    SB 4.15.9-10
  sura-isvaraih—by the controllers of the universe like Brahma and Siva    SB 9.24.60
  sura-isvaraih—by the mercy of Lord Visnu or His associates.    SB 10.11.25
  sura-isvarah—the king of the demigods    SB 6.9.4
  sura-isvarah—the Lord of the demigods, the Supreme Personality of Godhead    SB 8.6.17
  sura-isvarah—Indra, king of the demigods.    SB 8.13.22
  sura-isvarah—the chief demigods    SB 4.1.32
  sura-isvarah—the demigods    SB 9.18.12-14
  sura-isanam—of the kings of the demigods    Adi 4.51
  sura-isah—demigods like Indra    SB 3.11.25
  sura-isah—all the great demigods    SB 6.17.32
  sura-isah—the best of the demigods    SB 10.13.39
  sura-gana-isvarah—the king of the demigods.    SB 4.1.8
  sura-gana-adayah—the demigods and others    SB 4.7.22
  sura-ganaih—with demigods    SB 1.3.12
  sura-ganaih—by the celestial demigods    SB 3.9.12
  sura-ganaih—with the demigods    SB 7.1.2
  sura-ganam—the demigods    SB 5.15.16
  sura-ganan—unto the demigods    SB 8.12.1-2
  sura-ganah—demigods    Bg 10.2
  sura-ganah—the inhabitants of the upper planetary systems    SB 7.9.8
  sura-ganah—all the demigods    SB 8.5.17-18
  sura-ganah—such demigods    SB 9.10.14
  sura-girim—the Sumeru Hill    SB 5.1.30
  sura-gayakaih—by celestial musicians    SB 3.22.33
  sura-helanam—disobeying great demigods    SB 3.15.36
  sura-indraih—by demigods    SB 4.30.6
  sura-indram—the King of heaven, Indra    SB 6.12.1
  sura-indrah—and the demigods    SB 8.10.35
  sura-itara—other than godly persons    SB 2.7.26
  sura-itara—demoniac    SB 3.16.26
  sura-itara-kule—in a family of atheists or demons (who are subordinate to the devotees)    SB 7.9.26
  sura-itarah—other than the demigods.    SB 1.19.34
  sura-karye—the activities of the demigods    SB 8.6.17
  sura-karyani—for executing the interests of the demigods    SB 8.12.15
  sura-lalana—of the wives of all the demigods and semidemigods    SB 5.16.15
  sura-linginoh—dressed like inhabitants of Vaikuntha    SB 3.15.33
  sura-loka-gitam—praised even in the heavenly planets    SB 7.10.13
  sura-loka-vibhusanam—which decorates the heavenly planets    SB 8.8.6
  sura-loka-vasinah—the celestial denizens of the higher planets    SB 10.11.52
  sura-nara-mrga-misrita-jalacara-akrtibhih—with different forms like those of the demigods, human beings, animals, mixtures and aquatics (the incarnations Vamana, Lord Ramacandra, Krsna, Varaha, Hayagriva, Nrsimha, Matsya and Kurma)    SB 6.9.40
  sura-naraih—by demigods and human beings    Adi 16.41
  sura-pate—O King of the demigods    SB 7.7.8
  sura-patina—by the king of the demigods    SB 8.11.32
  sura-priyah—being the friend of the demigods    SB 7.1.12
  sura-priyah—because He is naturally very dear to the devotees.    SB 8.5.23
  sura-priyah—beautiful public women known as Apsaras, celestial girls.    SB 8.15.19
  sura-pujitam—worshiped by the demigods.    SB 1.4.33
  sura-pujitani—who are worshiped by the demigods    SB 6.3.18
  sura-ripu—of the enemies of the demigods    Antya 1.175
  sura-raja-vajrat—from the thunderbolt of the King of heaven, Indra    SB 5.10.17
  sura-sanghah—groups of demigods    Bg 11.21
  sura-sankasaih—appearing like the demigods    SB 9.11.31-34
  sura-sainikan—the armies of the demigods    SB 6.10.25
  sura-sainikah—the soldiers of the demigods.    SB 8.10.52
  sura-sainyam—the army of the demigods    SB 6.11.8
  sura-sat-tama—the best among the demigods    SB 1.14.38
  sura-sat-tamaih—demigods    SB 8.5.4
  sura-sattama—O best of the demigods    SB 8.12.16
  sura-sevitah—aspired to by the denizens of heaven    SB 1.6.12
  sura-sevitah—protected by the demigods.    SB 8.15.13
  sura-stri—of the women of the demigods    SB 8.15.18
  sura-strinam—to the celestial women of the heavenly planets    SB 9.6.41-42
  sura-striyah—the celestial damsels along with their husbands    SB 4.6.25
  sura-striyah—the wives of the demigods.    SB 7.8.35
  sura-striyah—all the wives of the demigods.    SB 10.1.23
  sura-sundarinam—of the women of the demigods    SB 5.17.13
  sura-udyana—in gardens maintained by the demigods    SB 8.2.7
  sura-uttama—O best among the demigods    SB 3.12.17
  sura-uttamau—the two chief associates    SB 4.12.33
  sura-uttaman—and Lord Visnu, Purusottama, the best of personalities    SB 7.12.2
  sura-vanditaya—worshiped by the demigods    SB 3.28.23
  sura-vara—of the great demigods    SB 5.2.2
  sura-varya—O best of the demigods    SB 4.3.13
  sura-varya—O greatest of all suras (demigods)    SB 8.22.2
  sura-vidvit—envious of Your devotees    SB 4.7.32
  sura-viharesu—in places resembling the heavenly parks    SB 9.14.24
  sura-yositam—of the damsels of the demigods    SB 8.2.9-13
  sura-yuthapaih—as well as by the heads of the demigods    SB 6.4.35-39
  sura-yacnaya—by the prayers of the demigods    SB 9.11.20
  sura-rsabha—of the best of the demigods (Lord Siva)    SB 8.12.29-30
  sura-rsayah—the demigods and the great sages    SB 4.24.63
  sura-rse—O sage among the demigods    SB 4.31.5
  sura-rsi-vara—of the great sage Narada    SB 5.1.22
  sura-rsina—by the great sage of the demigods (Narada)    SB 6.16.45
  sura-rsina—by the great sage Narada    SB 7.1.13
  sura-rsina—by the great saintly person (Narada)    SB 7.9.28
  sura-rsina—by Narada    SB 9.14.15-16
  sura-rsim—Narada Muni    SB 7.1.14-15
  sura-adayah—the demigods and others.    SB 3.6.27
  sura-adayah—the groups of demigods    SB 7.9.1
  sura-adayah—all the demigods    SB 8.6.15
  sura-adin—the authorized demigods    SB 1.16.20
  sura-adibhih—by the demigodly incarnations.    SB 2.10.42
  sura-adibhih—by the demigods    SB 7.4.9-12
  sura-alaya—constructing temples for demigods    SB 7.15.48-49
  sura-anakah—the drums of the demigods    SB 7.8.36
  sura-asavam—wine and liquor.    SB 4.2.29
  sura-atmajau—the two sons of the demigods    SB 10.10.7
  sura-bindu-pate—with simply a drop of liquor    Madhya 12.53
  sura-kumbham—a pot containing liquor    SB 6.1.18
  sura-pah—a drunkard    SB 6.2.9-10
  sura-pitham—used for drinking wine    SB 6.9.1
  sura-pitham—meant for drinking wine    SB 6.9.5
  sura-udena—by an ocean of liquor    SB 5.20.7
  vihara-sura-dirghika—the Ganges flowing in the heavenly planets    Antya 1.191

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