Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: suksma

  suksma—very fine    SB 4.21.17, Madhya 19.139, Madhya 19.140, Antya 18.83
  suksma—fine    Madhya 6.10, Madhya 13.25, Madhya 15.219, Antya 13.18
  suksma—subtle    SB 1.2.33, SB 3.8.13, Madhya 18.192
  suksma—and the subtle    SB 2.2.30
  suksma—the objects of enjoyment    SB 3.27.14
  suksma—in detail    Adi 16.84
  suksma—difficult to understand    SB 6.19.11
  suksma—subtle    SB 10.10.30-31
  bhuta-suksma—the sense objects    SB 4.24.34
  bhuta-suksma-adih—subtle sense objects    SB 3.5.32
  dravya-suksma-vipakah—the paraphernalia offered as oblations in the fire, such as food grains mixed with ghee    SB 7.15.50-51
  sthula-suksma—gross and subtle    Madhya 21.39
  suksma dhuli—fine dust    Madhya 12.93
  suksma marma—finer principles    Antya 10.100
  suksma vastra—fine cloth    Antya 13.7
  suksma-dehah—in his finer body    SB 8.19.10
  suksma-dharma-marma—subtle intricacies of the religious system.    Madhya 11.112
  suksma-jive—the undeveloped living entities    Antya 3.78-79
  suksma-mati—very finely intelligent    Antya 18.93

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