Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: sukha

  sukha—happiness    Bg 2.14, Bg 2.38, Bg 12.18-19, Bg 13.21, Bg 14.6, Bg 17.8-10, SB 3.9.7, SB 3.10.26, SB 4.28.37, Adi 4.110 (and more...)
  sukha—the happiness    Adi 4.186, Adi 4.189, Adi 4.194, Madhya 8.208, Madhya 8.210, Madhya 8.217
  sukha—happiness.    Adi 10.19, Madhya 17.7, Antya 5.107, Antya 12.38
  sukha—of happiness    SB 3.26.8, SB 8.3.11, Antya 3.27
  sukha—in happiness    Bg 6.7, Madhya 23.111-112
  sukha—of the happiness    Adi 4.263, Madhya 8.217
  sukha—by the happiness    Madhya 8.75, Antya 7.32
  sukha—happily    SB 1.19.12
  sukha—easily    SB 3.19.36
  sukha—so-called happiness    SB 5.14.27
  sukha—by happiness    SB 7.7.42
  sukha—happinesses    Adi 5.152
  sukha—the satisfaction    Madhya 16.141
  sukha—the happiness derived from these things    Madhya 24.39
  sukha—awakening of happiness.    Madhya 25.172
  maha-sukha—great happiness.    Madhya 3.152, Madhya 9.249, Antya 11.51, Antya 20.52
  maha-sukha—great pleasure    Madhya 19.132, Antya 1.105, Antya 4.186, Antya 19.110
  sukha-apah—easily available    Madhya 8.227, Madhya 9.132, Madhya 24.86, Antya 7.27
  krsna-sukha-hetu—for the purpose of Lord Krsna's happiness    Adi 4.167-169, Adi 4.174, Adi 4.175
  sukha dite—to give happiness    Madhya 9.151, Madhya 20.219, Antya 8.92
  krsna-sukha—the happiness of Lord Krsna    Adi 4.172, Adi 4.195
  sukha dite—to give pleasure    Madhya 12.186, Antya 15.45
  sukha paya—enjoys happiness    Madhya 14.179, Antya 19.100
  sukha-duhkha—happiness and distress    Bg 15.5, Adi 4.106
  sukha-duhkhayoh—in happiness and distress    SB 5.9.9-10, SB 6.17.19
  sukha-avaham—bringing happiness    SB 3.12.18, SB 3.23.14-15
  tanra sukha—His happiness    Antya 20.52, Antya 20.52
  bahu sukha—much pleasure    Madhya 9.357
  bada sukha—great happiness.    Antya 4.199
  bada sukha paila—became very happy.    Madhya 16.39
  bhakti-sukha—transcendental bliss derived from devotional service    Antya 3.196
  bhakti-sukha-sriyam—those for whom the opulence of the happiness of devotional service    Madhya 23.95-98
  brahma-sukha-anubhutya—with Krsna, the source of brahma-sukha (Krsna is Parabrahman, and from Him originates His personal effulgence)    SB 10.12.7-11
  brahma-sukha-sprstam—being situated on the transcendental platform in eternal bliss    SB 7.15.35
  sukha-rukha—not very luxurious    Madhya 3.39
  deha-sukha—the happiness of the body    Adi 4.167-169
  duhkha sukha—distress or happiness    Madhya 7.34
  duhkha-sukha—unhappiness and happiness    Madhya 3.185
  dasya-sukha—the happiness of being a maidservant    Adi 6.46
  gaura-sukha-dana-hetu—for giving happiness to Lord Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu    Antya 6.9
  gramya-sukha-icchaya—by desire for material happiness    SB 4.2.22
  indra-sukha—the material happiness of the King of heaven, Indra    Antya 6.134
  kaivalya-nirvana-sukha—of liberation and transcendental bliss    SB 7.15.76
  koti-brahma-sukha—ten million times the transcendental bliss of becoming one with the Absolute    Adi 6.44
  koti-sukha—ten million times more happiness    Madhya 8.213
  koti-sukha-posa—millions of times more happiness.    Antya 10.8
  krsna-sukha—happiness with Lord Krsna    Adi 4.43
  krsna-sukha—for Lord Krsna's happiness    Adi 4.166
  krsna-sukha-abdhi—of the ocean of Krsna's happiness    Madhya 14.169
  krsna-sukha-nimitta—to satisfy Krsna    Madhya 24.25
  krsnera sukha—Krsna's happiness    Antya 20.59
  kama-sukha—of sense gratification    SB 4.29.54
  kanta-seva-sukha-pura—the service of the Lord is the home of happiness    Antya 20.60
  maha sukha paila—got very great pleasure.    Madhya 25.222
  maha-sukha—transcendental happiness    Madhya 4.144
  maha-sukha—much pleasure    Antya 10.18
  maha-sukha paila—achieved great happiness.    Madhya 14.184
  maha-sukha pana—gets great happiness    Madhya 17.64
  mora sukha—My happiness    Antya 20.59
  mora sukha-varya—the best of My happiness.    Antya 20.52
  nija-indriya-sukha—for personal sense gratification    Madhya 8.218
  nija-sukha—for their own happiness    Adi 4.188
  nija-sukha—her own happiness.    Madhya 3.204
  nija-sukha—personal happiness    Madhya 8.208
  nija-sukha—your own sense gratification    Madhya 16.140
  nija-sukha haite—than personal happiness    Madhya 8.210
  nija-sukha-vanchara—of desire for one's own happiness    Adi 4.199
  nirvana-sukha—of transcendental happiness    SB 7.10.49
  nirvana-sukha-arnavaya—unto the ocean of eternal bliss, beyond material existence    SB 8.6.8
  nirvana-sukha-samvida—by transcendental bliss, putting an end to material existence    SB 9.7.25-26
  parama sukha—the highest happiness    Madhya 25.275
  prema-sukha-bhoga—enjoyment of the happiness of love of God    Madhya 20.142
  prema-sukha-ananda—absorbed in the happiness of ecstatic love of Krsna.    Antya 7.36
  priya-jana-sukha—the happiness of the dearmost beloved    Madhya 13.153
  paya sukha—gets happiness    Madhya 15.118
  rasa-sukha-rasi—the reservoir of transcendental mellows    Antya 20.48
  radha-sukha—happiness by association with Radharani    Adi 4.258
  samsara-sukha—material happiness    Adi 17.63
  sabara haya sukha—everyone will be happy    Madhya 17.18
  sarva-kala-sukha-avaham—where in all seasons it is pleasing to live    SB 10.11.35
  sarva-loka-sukha-avaham—by hearing of which everyone becomes happy.    SB 8.24.2-3
  sarva-sukha—all happiness    Antya 4.142
  sei sukha—that happiness    Antya 18.109
  seva-sukha—the happiness of service.    Madhya 22.11
  seva-sukha-rasa—the mellow of devotional service.    Adi 7.145
  sukha anubhavi—feeling happiness    Madhya 17.67
  sukha dite—to please    Madhya 13.24
  sukha haya—there is happiness    Madhya 17.10
  sukha haya—it will be great happiness for me    Madhya 18.150
  sukha kari—as happiness    Antya 6.197
  sukha lagi—for happiness    Madhya 2.20
  sukha pai—I get happiness    Madhya 9.35
  sukha pai—we shall get pleasure.    Madhya 18.143
  sukha pai—become very happy    Antya 6.75
  sukha paila—felt great happiness    Madhya 12.66
  sukha paila—felt very happy    Madhya 13.18
  sukha pana—feeling this transcendental happiness    Madhya 5.15
  sukha pana—getting such transcendental happiness    Madhya 9.35
  sukha pana—obtains happiness    Antya 20.54
  sukha paya—obtains happiness    Antya 20.54
  sukha-anubhavah—perception of happiness    SB 6.9.33
  sukha-anubhavah—experiencing the state of spiritual bliss    SB 7.9.32
  sukha-anubhuti—anyone thinking of Him immediately enjoys transcendental pleasure    SB 10.12.39
  sukha-anubhutih—who is realized by transcendental bliss    SB 6.4.27-28
  sukha-anuvadaih—pleasure derived from mundane topics    SB 3.5.12
  sukha-avahani—full of transcendental bliss    SB 10.2.29
  sukha-avaptih—attainment of all happiness    SB 4.25.4
  sukha-bhoga—the enjoyment of Vaikuntha    Madhya 9.113
  sukha-bhoga—enjoyment of happiness    Madhya 20.140
  sukha-bhoga—real enjoyment of happiness    Madhya 20.140
  sukha-da-artha—a meaning that is pleasing to accept    Madhya 25.29
  sukha-duhkha—happiness and miseries    SB 4.8.35
  sukha-duhkha-bahye—outside of happiness and distress    SB 3.28.36
  sukha-duhkha-upapattaye—for administering happiness and distress    SB 8.21.20
  sukha-duhkhayoh—happiness or distress    SB 4.8.33
  sukha-duhkhabhyam—with the distress and happiness    SB 6.12.14
  sukha-ghana-murtau—form of complete happiness    Madhya 24.128
  sukha-hetave—for happiness    SB 3.30.2
  sukha-hetu—cause of happiness    Adi 4.218
  sukha-icchaya—desiring to be happy within this material world    SB 8.24.47
  sukha-katha—words of happiness    Antya 12.95
  sukha-kridana—the enjoyment of their transcendental pastimes    SB 10.12.13
  sukha-lesa-hetoh—simply for temporary material happiness    SB 5.5.16
  sukha-lobhena—driven by greed for royal happiness    Bg 1.44
  sukha-maya—full of happiness    Madhya 21.131
  sukha-mayah—in a happy condition    SB 9.19.15
  sukha-rupa—embodiment of pleasure    Madhya 8.158
  sukha-rupah—happiness personified    Madhya 8.206
  sukha-samudrera—of the ocean of transcendental bliss    Madhya 13.130
  sukha-sindhu—an ocean of happiness    Madhya 2.49
  sukha-sindhuh—the ocean of happiness    Madhya 14.228
  sukha-sparsah—very pleasing to the touch    SB 10.3.1-5
  sukha-udaya—rise of transcendental happiness    Antya 6.302
  sukha-ullasa—happy    Adi 13.102
  sukha-ullasa—great jubilation    Madhya 11.135-136
  sukha-vat—as happiness    SB 3.30.9
  sukha-vidrutam—melted in transcendental bliss    Madhya 8.69
  sukha-vrddhi—increase of happiness    Adi 4.194
  sukha-vancha—desire for happiness    Adi 4.186
  sukha-apah—very easily obtainable, or an object of happiness    SB 10.9.21
  sukha-asinam—comfortably situated    SB 4.31.4
  sukha-asinam—who was seated very comfortably    SB 6.14.15
  sukha-asinah—when he comfortably sat on his seat    SB 4.8.63
  sukha-asvadana—taste of transcendental bliss    Madhya 13.130
  sukha-avahaih—increasing the happiness.    SB 1.16.25
  sukha-avahe—giving full happiness.    SB 9.10.51
  sukha-avahanam—that which causes happiness    SB 3.5.10
  sukha-avista hana—being absorbed in happiness    Madhya 14.182
  sukha-avahena—which brings about happiness    Madhya 24.125
  sva-sukha—in happiness of the self    Madhya 17.138
  sva-sukha-artha—for the purpose of one's own pleasure    Adi 4.204
  sva-sukha-nirbhrta-cetah—whose mind was always fully absorbed in the happiness of self-realization    Madhya 24.48
  svarga-sukha-avasesitam—whatever remains after the enjoyment of heavenly happiness    SB 5.19.28
  tabe mora sukha—then I shall be very happy.    Madhya 15.288
  tanra sukha-hetu—for His happiness    Antya 6.8
  utsanga-sukha-asaya—by the desire for the happiness of the association    Antya 1.152
  vamsi-dhvani-sukha—the happiness of hearing the playing of the flute    Madhya 2.47
  visaya sukha—material happiness    Antya 6.134
  visaya-sukha—of the material happiness    SB 6.9.39
  visaya-sukha—material happiness    Madhya 22.38
  amara sukha—our happiness    Madhya 17.9
  apanara sukha-duhkhe—for personal happiness and distress    Antya 9.75
  atma-sukha—the happiness of the self    Adi 4.167-169
  atma-sukha-duhkhe—in personal happiness or distress    Adi 4.174

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