Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: sudha

  sudhā—nectar    SB 3.16.11, SB 8.5.10, SB 8.7.16, Madhya 1.158, Antya 16.144
  sudhā—of nectar    SB 4.20.25, Madhya 2.52, Madhya 12.184, Antya 1.148
  se sudhā—that nectar    Antya 14.49, Antya 16.142
  kṛpā-sudhā—of the nectar of the mercy    Adi 16.1
  līlā-sudhā—of the nectar of the pastimes    Adi 2.2
  sei sudhā—that nectar    Antya 16.144
  sudhā-aṁśu-vadana—whose face is like the moon.    Adi 3.44
  sudhā-dānam—giving of the nectar    SB 8.9.19
  sudhā-jit—conquering the nectar    Antya 16.119
  sudhā-sindhu—ocean of the nectar    Antya 1.179
  sudhā-sāra—of the essence of all nectar    Madhya 2.32
  sudhā-ādi—such as nectar    SB 5.2.12
  sudhā-āsavam—tasting just like a nectarean beverage    SB 10.13.22
  vaikuṇṭha-kathā-sudhā-āpagāḥ—the nectarean rivers of discussions about the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is called Vaikuṇṭha, or one who drives away all anxiety    SB 5.19.24
  ātmīyatā-sudhā-rasa—the nectar of affectionate relations    Antya 4.163

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