Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: suci

  śuci—pure.    SB 4.18.14, SB 8.8.10
  śuci—spotless    SB 1.5.13
  śuci—being purified    SB 4.8.42
  śuci—clean    Madhya 22.78-80
  sūci—on the points    SB 4.5.10
  śuci-śravāḥ—the most celebrated Vedic authority    SB 8.21.2-3
  śuci-sade—unto the most purified    SB 4.24.37
  śuci-sadmane—who is realized only in the pure state of spiritual existence    SB 6.4.26
  śuci-smite—O woman with lovely smiles.    SB 4.25.31
  śuci-smite—O most pious lady    SB 8.16.54
  śuci-smitā—laughingly    SB 9.3.22
  śuci-smitām—smiling and brilliant    SB 10.2.20
  śuci-vane—in the dry forest    SB 2.7.29
  sūcī-mukham—Sūcīmukha    SB 5.26.7

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