Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: sucah

  sucah—worry.    Bg 18.66, Madhya 8.63, Madhya 9.265, Madhya 22.94
  sucah—lamentation    SB 1.17.9, SB 5.10.10, SB 6.14.57
  sucah—grief    SB 1.6.20, SB 9.11.16
  sucah—worry    Bg 16.5
  sucah—tears in grief    SB 1.7.16
  sucah—do you lament    SB 1.13.41
  sucah—all lamentations.    SB 1.13.60
  sucah—of bereavement    SB 1.15.3
  sucah—tears in the eyes.    SB 1.17.8
  sucah—tears of grief    SB 3.2.5
  sucah—tears    SB 3.4.14
  sucah—be aggrieved    SB 4.8.68
  sucah—lamentation due to separation from their sons.    SB 9.10.47
  suhrt-sucah—the grief of my kinsmen.    SB 3.18.4

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