Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: subhadra

  subhadra—Subhadra    SB 1.13.3-4, Madhya 1.85, Madhya 2.53
  subhadra—all-auspicious    SB 2.4.15, SB 2.4.16
  subhadra—auspicious    SB 2.4.17
  subhadra—the sister of Krsna    SB 1.10.9-10
  subhadra—a sister, Subhadra    SB 9.24.53-55
  subhadra—the sister of Lord Jagannatha    Madhya 13.22
  subhadra—of the goddess Subhadra    Madhya 13.100
  subhadra—of the goddess of fortune Subhadra    Madhya 13.191
  subhadra—His sister    Madhya 14.124
  subhadra—His sister, Subhadra    Antya 14.33
  subhadra-balarama—Subhadra and Balarama    Madhya 14.62

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