Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: sthula

  sthula—bulky    Madhya 22.22, Madhya 24.140, Madhya 25.31
  sthula—gross    Adi 16.84, Madhya 18.192
  sthula—thick    Madhya 13.10
  ati sthula—very bulky    Madhya 9.312
  sthula-bhiksa—full meals    Madhya 19.128
  sthula-dravya—cash money    Antya 9.20
  sthula-rupe—the gross form    SB 5.16.3
  sthula-suksma—gross and subtle    Madhya 21.39
  sthula-suksmah—fat and skinny    SB 5.11.7

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