Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: srngara

  srngara—conjugal love    Adi 3.11, Antya 7.25
  srngara—conjugal love    Adi 4.42
  srngara—amorous love.    Adi 4.222
  srngara—of loving affairs    Madhya 8.195
  srngara—for dressing    Madhya 14.228
  srngara-rasa—of the mellow of conjugal love    Antya 19.41
  srngara-rasa—the conjugal mellow    Madhya 23.53
  srngara-rasa-raja-maya—consisting of the mellow of conjugal love, which is the king of mellows    Madhya 8.143
  dvi-vidha srngara—two kinds of conjugal love    Madhya 23.62

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