Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: sriman

  sriman—beautiful    SB 4.21.18, Adi 3.66
  sriman—very beautiful    SB 8.2.1, SB 10.8.14
  sriman—the most beautiful form    Madhya 1.5
  sriman—Sriman    Madhya 13.39
  sriman—most beautiful    Antya 1.7
  sriman pandita—Sriman Pandita    Madhya 10.83, Madhya 11.89
  sriman-pandita—Sriman Pandita    Antya 10.9-11, Antya 10.122
  sriman-madana-gopala—of the Deity named Sriman Madana-gopala    Madhya 25.282
  sriman-mathura-mandale—in Mathura, where Krsna specifically performs His pastimes    Madhya 22.132
  sriman sena—of the name Sriman Sena    Adi 10.52
  sriman-pandita—of the name Sriman Pandita    Adi 10.37
  sriman-sena—Sriman Sena    Antya 10.9-11
  sriman-sena—Sivananda Sena    Antya 10.122

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