Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: srestha

  śreṣṭha—the best    Madhya 9.255, Madhya 22.129, Antya 4.70
  śreṣṭha—best    Madhya 19.103, Madhya 20.399, Antya 16.28
  śreṣṭha—O chief    SB 1.17.37, Madhya 20.113
  śreṣṭha—chief    Adi 11.41, Madhya 23.92
  śreṣṭha—the Supreme Personality of Godhead    Adi 7.120
  śreṣṭha—the topmost    Adi 12.40
  śreṣṭha—about the best    Adi 16.11
  śreṣṭha—the most important item    Madhya 6.241
  śreṣṭha—most important    Madhya 8.255
  śreṣṭha—the chief    Madhya 8.256
  śreṣṭha—superior.    Madhya 11.140
  śreṣṭha—the supermost    Madhya 19.101
  śreṣṭha—the supreme    Madhya 19.102
  śreṣṭha—as supreme    Madhya 19.104
  śreṣṭha—the chief.    Madhya 19.147
  śreṣṭha—topmost    Antya 3.94
  śreṣṭhā—the most perfect    SB 6.14.28
  śreṣṭhā—topmost    Madhya 8.162
  śreṣṭhā—the chief    Madhya 14.160
  asura-śreṣṭha—O best of the asuras    SB 7.13.21
  bhakta-śreṣṭha—the best devotee    Adi 1.47
  bharata-śreṣṭha—O chief of the Bhāratas    Bg 17.12
  śreṣṭha hañā—being a more honorable person    Madhya 25.73
  śreṣṭha kari—making the best    Adi 4.43
  śreṣṭha sabākāra—the best of all human beings.    Madhya 15.106
  śreṣṭha sādhana—the best means of achievement.    Madhya 9.256
  śreṣṭha-guṇaḥ—qualified with the best attributes    SB 5.4.9
  śākhā-śreṣṭha—the chief branch    Adi 12.80
  dvija-śreṣṭha—O best of the brāhmaṇas    SB 8.16.23
  kuru-śreṣṭha—O best amongst the Kurus    SB 3.4.35
  kuru-śreṣṭha—O best among the Kurus, Vidura    SB 3.29.6
  kuru-śreṣṭha—O Vidura    SB 4.17.12
  kuru-śreṣṭha—O best of the Kuru dynasty    SB 6.4.35-39
  kuru-śreṣṭha—O best of the Kurus, Mahārāja Parīkṣit    SB 8.22.12
  kuru-śreṣṭha—O best of the Kuru kings    SB 9.4.41
  kuru-śreṣṭha—O Mahārāja Parīkṣit    SB 10.11.1
  muni-śreṣṭha—O chief amongst the munis    SB 1.8.12
  muni-śreṣṭha—O chief among the sages    SB 3.14.2
  nṛpa-śreṣṭha—O best of kings (Mahārāja Parīkṣit)    SB 8.12.35
  puruṣa-śreṣṭha—the best of all living entities, the best of all enjoyers    SB 8.24.28
  sarva-śreṣṭha—the Supreme Truth    Madhya 18.193
  sarva-śreṣṭha—the most important of all    Antya 4.71
  sarva-śākhā-śreṣṭha—the best of all the branches    Adi 11.56
  sura-śreṣṭha—O chief of the demigods    SB 3.12.10
  sādhya-śreṣṭha haya—is the highest achievement of the goal of life    Madhya 9.257
  vaiṣṇava-śreṣṭha—a first-class Vaiṣṇava    Madhya 16.72
  vibudha-śreṣṭha—O best of all the demigods    SB 8.12.38

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