Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: sparsana

  sparsana—touching    SB 4.23.20
  sparsana—by touching    SB 5.14.2
  sparsana—by the touching    SB 5.17.20
  sparsana—whose touch    SB 6.8.24
  sparsana—and touching your feet    SB 9.5.20
  sparsana—the touching    Madhya 8.287
  darsana-sparsana—seeing and touching.    Antya 5.39
  darsana-sparsana—interview and touching    Antya 11.103
  jivera sparsana—a living entity can touch.    Antya 18.20
  na kara sparsana—do not touch.    Madhya 20.55
  prakrti-sparsana—the Lord glances over the material nature    Madhya 20.273
  rasera sparsana—tasting.    Antya 6.311
  sarva-anga-sparsana—touching the whole body.    Madhya 18.62
  sva-pada-sparsana—of touching His feet    Adi 6.74
  yat-sparsana—simply by the slight association of whom    SB 10.12.38

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