Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: sparsa

  sparsa—touch    SB 2.5.26-29, SB 2.6.4, SB 5.11.10, Adi 4.247, Adi 5.104, Adi 12.26, Madhya 2.34, Madhya 7.144-145, Madhya 10.54, Madhya 13.97 (and more...)
  sparsa—touching    SB 1.10.11-12, SB 1.19.33, SB 3.21.10, SB 3.29.16, SB 4.9.49, Madhya 11.167, Madhya 20.289, Antya 7.10
  sparsa—the touch    Adi 2.54, Madhya 2.34
  sparsa—senses    SB 1.6.34
  sparsa—roughly handled    SB 1.8.5
  sparsa—touched by    SB 2.7.25
  sparsa—from contact    SB 5.16.18
  anga-sparsa—touch of the body    Antya 18.49
  carana-sparsa—touch of the lotus feet    Antya 12.29
  srimat-pada-sparsa—by the touch of the lotus feet    Madhya 25.77
  kara-sparsa—shaking hands    SB 1.11.22
  pada-sparsa kaila—touched with His feet    Madhya 16.224
  pada-sparsa-vilajjitah—being ashamed because Durvasa was touching his lotus feet    SB 9.5.2
  pani-sparsa-aksamabhyam—which were so delicate that they were unable to bear even the touch of Sita’s palm    SB 9.10.4
  sparsa ha-ila—there has been touching    Madhya 13.182
  sparsa nahi kare—he does not touch.    Antya 9.72
  sparsa-anukulam—happy for the touch    SB 3.9.20
  sparsa-gandha—even the slightest contact.    Adi 5.86
  sparsa-jam—derived by touch sensation    SB 4.9.9
  sparsa-mani—touchstone    Madhya 2.34
  sparsa-mani—the touchstone    Madhya 6.279
  sparsa-matre—as soon as I touched it    Antya 18.49
  sparsa-matrena—simply by touching    SB 9.9.12
  sparsa-tanmatrat—which evolves from the subtle element touch    SB 3.26.38
  sparsa-vedibhyah—than those perceiving touch    SB 3.29.29
  sparsa-yogya—fit to be touched    Madhya 11.156
  su-sparsa—soft to the touch    SB 3.33.16
  tat-kara-sparsa—because of being touched on the head by the lotus hand of Nrsimhadeva    SB 7.9.6
  tumi hao sparsa-mani—you are certainly a touchstone.    Madhya 24.277
  tara sparsa haile—if I touch them    Antya 4.127

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