Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: soma

  soma—of the moon    SB 5.10.17
  soma-girih—Somagiri (the initiating guru)    Adi 1.57
  soma-pitham—used for drinking the beverage soma    SB 6.9.1
  soma-pitham—used for drinking soma-rasa    SB 6.9.5
  soma-pithah—drink soma-rasa    SB 5.26.29
  soma-pithe—drinking the intoxicant called soma    SB 5.15.12
  soma-pan—demigods    SB 4.7.56
  soma-pah—drinkers of soma juice    Bg 9.20
  soma-pah—drinking soma juice    SB 3.32.3
  soma-pah—drinkers of soma-rasa    SB 6.18.66-67
  soma-rajah—the king of the moon planet    SB 4.22.56
  soma-sutah—the son of the moon    SB 5.22.13
  soma-suryayoh—of the moon-god and the sun-god    SB 10.1.1
  soma-vamse—when the dynasty of the moon-god    SB 9.22.18-19
  soma-adayah—headed by the moon    SB 5.21.11
  soma-ahutya—with a share in the soma-yajna    SB 9.3.26

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