Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: sivanandera

  sivanandera—of Sivananda Sena    Adi 10.61, Adi 10.62, Antya 2.32, Antya 2.37, Antya 2.78, Antya 2.82, Antya 10.142, Antya 10.147, Antya 12.21, Antya 12.22 (and more...)
  sivanandera—of Sivananda    Antya 2.72
  sivanandera balaka—the son of Sivananda    Madhya 16.23
  sivanandera sange—with Sivananda Sena    Madhya 1.140
  sivanandera thani—to Sivananda Sena    Antya 6.259

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