Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: sire

  sire—on the head    Adi 5.117, Adi 5.185, Adi 11.21, Adi 13.124, Adi 17.335-336, Madhya 7.48, Madhya 10.60, Madhya 15.252, Madhya 23.124, Antya 1.220 (and more...)
  sire—on my head    Adi 4.227-228, Adi 17.334, Madhya 1.14, Madhya 2.94, Madhya 3.65
  sire dhari—holding it on my head.    Madhya 21.74
  sire dhari—taking on my head    Madhya 25.281
  sire hasta dhari—keeping His hand on their heads.    Madhya 3.14
  sire kare—He puts on His head.    Antya 6.291
  sire la-ila—put on their heads.    Madhya 24.275
  dunhara sire—on the heads of both of them    Madhya 1.216
  kari sire vibhusana—I keep on my head as a helmet    Madhya 25.280
  kaliya-sire—on the head of the serpent Kaliya    Madhya 18.94
  mora sire—upon my head.    Madhya 15.162
  nija-sire—on my head    Antya 7.158
  nija-sire dhari—catching on my head    Antya 20.144-146
  sei sire dhari—I accept that.    Madhya 18.151

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