Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: silam

  silam—behavior    SB 3.14.14, Madhya 17.210
  silam—character    SB 3.14.46, SB 4.22.48
  silam—mannerliness    SB 1.16.26-30
  silam—disposition    SB 3.16.7
  silam—their behavior    SB 5.13.17
  silam—the good character    SB 5.14.30
  govardhana-silam—a stone from Govardhana Hill    Antya 6.327
  samana-silam—a girl of like disposition    SB 3.21.15
  yatha-silam—according to temperament    SB 3.24.15
  atma-silam—own nature.    SB 1.19.23

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