Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: saundarya

  saundarya—beauty    SB 4.24.45-46, Adi 17.4, Madhya 9.308, Madhya 18.37, Antya 4.34, Antya 13.129, Antya 15.57, Antya 15.60
  saundarya—the beauty    Madhya 3.109, Madhya 5.5, Madhya 5.110, Madhya 6.6, Madhya 9.41, Madhya 20.178, Antya 7.78
  saundarya—of beauty    Adi 4.259
  saundarya—the beautiful posture    Madhya 3.152
  saundarya—Her personal beauty    Madhya 8.170
  saundarya—His beauty    Antya 15.14
  gopala-saundarya—the beauty of the Gopala Deity    Madhya 5.15
  krsna-saundarya—the beauty of Lord Krsna    Madhya 8.94
  madhava-saundarya dekhi—after seeing the beauty of Lord Bindu Madhava    Madhya 25.62
  prema-saundarya—ecstatic love and beauty    Madhya 18.20
  sarva-saundarya—of all beauty    Adi 4.92
  saundarya dekhite—to see the beauty.    Madhya 18.46
  saundarya-adi—such as beauty    Madhya 8.183-184
  saundarya-adi—the beauty of the body, etc.    Madhya 9.88
  saundarya-adi—personal beauty and other qualities    Madhya 19.76
  saundarya-adi-guna-grama—the transcendental qualities, headed by beauty    Madhya 21.104

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