Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: satah

  satah—of the eternal    Bg 2.16
  satah—all good work    SB 2.7.49
  satah—of all living beings in all planets.    SB 2.8.12
  satah—lying    SB 3.9.24
  satah—of the effective manifestation    SB 3.11.2
  satah—of the entire aggregate    SB 3.11.4
  satah—who always exists    SB 7.7.38
  satah—of the great previous acaryas    NoI 3
  satah—hairs on the shoulder    SB 3.13.27
  asya satah—of this cosmic manifestation now visible    SB 10.2.28
  satah bandhum—the support of the material cause    SB 3.27.11

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