Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: sarvan

  sarvan—all    Bg 2.71, Bg 4.32, Bg 6.24, Bg 11.15, SB 1.6.22, SB 1.13.34, SB 3.25.39-40, SB 10.3.27, SB 10.13.38, Adi 15.27 (and more...)
  sarvan—all of them    SB 1.16.31, SB 4.10.8
  sarvan—all kinds of    Bg 1.27
  sarvan—of all varieties    Bg 2.55
  sarvan—everything    SB 5.3.15
  sarvan—all twelve signs of the zodiac    SB 5.22.16
  sarvan—all varieties of    SB 9.4.26
  sarvan ca—and anyone else    SB 10.1.67
  sarvan kaman—all necessities or desirable things    SB 9.20.32

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