Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: sarira

  sarira—body    Bg 5.23, Bg 18.15, Adi 3.41, Adi 5.184, Adi 16.70, Madhya 3.145, Madhya 13.173, Antya 11.22, Antya 14.51, Antya 18.52
  sarira—the body    SB 6.19.13, SB 7.4.33, Madhya 2.13, Antya 14.71, Antya 17.21, Antya 20.61, Antya 20.123
  sarira—the whole body    Madhya 9.346, Madhya 17.205
  sarira—bodily    Bg 3.8
  sarira—the bodily    SB 3.13.38
  sarira—of the body (gross and subtle)    SB 8.3.22-24
  sarira—and body    SB 8.5.38
  sarira—of the body    SB 10.1.51
  a-sarira-vak—a voice coming from someone whose body was invisible    SB 10.1.34
  a-sarira-vak—a vibration without a body    SB 10.1.54
  sarira-bandhah—bondage in this material body.    SB 5.5.5
  sarira-bhajam—of the conditioned soul    SB 1.9.42
  sarira-bhajam—of the conditioned souls endowed with bodies    Adi 2.21
  sarira-dandam—corporal punishment    SB 5.26.16
  sarira-dhari—accepting the body    Madhya 6.254
  sarira-matra—the body only    SB 5.5.28
  sarira-stham—situated within the body    Bg 17.5-6
  sarira-stham—situated in the body    Bg 17.5-6
  sarira-sthah api—though dwelling in the body    Bg 13.32
  sarira-vadana—heads on the body    Madhya 21.86
  sarira-visesa—another specific transcendental body    Adi 6.10
  dui sarira—both the bodies    Madhya 15.262
  e sarira—this body    Madhya 9.189
  ei sarira—this body    Antya 4.11
  manah-sarira-dhi—who consider the body or mind to be the self    SB 9.8.21
  manah-sarira-jah—born either of your body or of your mind (all the demons and demigods)    SB 8.16.14
  mora sarira—my body    Antya 11.32
  prakanda-sarira—gigantic bodies    Madhya 5.136
  prakanda-sarira—very large body    Madhya 17.107
  sundara-sarira—very beautiful body    Antya 5.114
  sva-sarira-agnina—by the fire emanating from their own bodies    SB 9.8.11
  sva-sarira-avasesita—with only his own body remaining    SB 5.24.23
  tomara sarira—your body    Antya 4.78
  amara sarira—my body    Antya 20.92

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