Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: santa

  santa—peaceful    Adi 3.45, Adi 8.55, Adi 13.120, Madhya 19.149, Madhya 22.78-80
  santa—pacified    SB 4.31.3, Adi 17.146, Adi 17.147
  santa—neutrality    Madhya 19.185, Madhya 23.53
  santa—neutral    Madhya 23.45, Madhya 24.164
  santa—completed    SB 3.21.37
  santa—serene    SB 3.26.26
  santa—mild    SB 3.26.45
  santa—of neutrality    Madhya 8.86
  santa—the position of equilibrium    Madhya 19.214
  santa—pacified    SB 1.15.28
  santa—peaceful    SB 4.28.44
  santa-rase—in the mellow of neutrality    Madhya 19.219, Madhya 23.54
  sisira-santa—which is so peaceful and cool    SB 5.8.25
  santa bhakta—devotees in the neutral stage of devotional service    Madhya 24.164
  santa haila—became peaceful.    Antya 6.34
  santa haila—became pacified    Antya 16.134
  santa hana—being pacified    Madhya 14.213
  santa hana yaya—will be decreased.    Antya 12.106
  santa kari—pacifying    Adi 17.252
  santa kari—making pacified    Madhya 15.259
  santa-bhakta—the neutral devotees    Madhya 19.189
  santa-bhaktera—of devotees on the platform of neutrality    Madhya 24.32
  santa-cittaya—whose mind is peaceful    SB 3.32.42
  santa-dhih—very peaceful    SB 6.17.36
  santa-dasya-rase—in the transcendental mellows of neutrality and servitude    Madhya 19.195
  santa-medham—the still sacrificial animals    SB 4.7.33
  santa-rajasam—pacified passion    Bg 6.27
  santa-rase—on the stage of santa-rasa, or neutrality    Madhya 19.211
  santa-ratim—attachment on the platform of santa-rasa    Madhya 19.212
  santa-rayah—the force of the blast reduced    SB 10.7.26
  santa-rupe—O mother    SB 3.25.38
  santa-rupe—O mother, the symbol of peacefulness    Madhya 22.162
  santa-vigraham—having a peaceful personality    SB 4.2.2
  santa-vak—in silence    SB 4.4.24
  santa-rksa—none of the constellations were fierce (all of them were peaceful)    SB 10.3.1-5
  santa-adi rasera—of the mellows beginning from neutrality    Madhya 23.56
  santa-atma—a peaceful attitude    SB 9.2.11-13
  santa iva—as if fatigued    SB 3.20.36
  maha-santa—very peaceful.    Madhya 15.296
  sva-santa-rupesu—unto the peaceful devotees of the Lord    SB 3.2.15

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