Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: samya

  sāmya—equality    SB 3.14.27, Adi 4.242-243
  sāmya—equal status    SB 2.4.14
  sāmya—equal to everyone    SB 5.4.1
  sāmya—seeing everyone equally by spiritual understanding    SB 5.5.10-13
  sāmya—being equipoised    Madhya 14.153
  adhika-sāmya-vimukta-dhāmnaḥ—no one is greater than or equal to Him    SB 9.11.20
  sāmya-bhāk—which is similar to    Madhya 23.5
  tri-sāmya—the neutral state of the three modes    SB 2.7.40
  tri-sāmya—where there is equilibrium of the three guṇas    Madhya 24.21

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