Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: samrambha

  saṁrambha—enmity    SB 3.2.24
  saṁrambha—by anger    SB 3.16.26
  saṁrambha—of anger    SB 4.26.19
  saṁrambha—with anger    SB 4.26.25
  saṁrambha—because of great anger    SB 7.8.30
  saṁrambha-bhaya-yogena—through intense fear and enmity    SB 7.1.28-29
  saṁrambha-dṛgbhiḥ—eyes staring in anger (although the heads were severed from their bodies)    SB 8.10.39
  saṁrambha-yogena—by practice of mystic yoga in anger    SB 3.16.31

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