Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: sampadah

  sampadaḥ—opulence    SB 1.12.5, SB 1.14.9
  sampadaḥ—opulences    SB 4.22.11, SB 6.11.22
  sampadaḥ—all opulences    SB-4.21.44
  sampadaḥ—and opulence    SB 6.9.55
  sampadaḥ—the great opulences    SB 6.14.13
  sampadaḥ—possessions    SB 6.14.25
  sampadaḥ—prosperities    SB 6.15.21-23
  sampadaḥ—opulences.    SB 6.19.9
  gṛha-sampadaḥ—all household paraphernalia    SB 4.26.15
  yajña-sampadaḥ—paraphernalia for performing yajña, or the means for pleasing the Supreme Personality of Godhead    SB 7.14.16
  āśrama-sampadaḥ—the prosperity of the beautiful hermitages.    SB 3.22.26-27

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