Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: samahitah

  samāhitaḥ—with full attention    SB 8.16.28, SB 10.1.20
  samāhitaḥ—approached completely    Bg 6.7
  samāhitaḥ—being in concentration    SB 1.7.20
  samāhitaḥ—self-realized    SB 2.6.35
  samāhitaḥ—thus situated.    SB 2.9.8
  samāhitaḥ—being completely absorbed    SB 3.9.31
  samāhitaḥ—fixed in trance.    SB 3.33.35
  samāhitaḥ—with concentrated mind    SB 4.7.56
  samāhitaḥ—perfect attention    SB 4.8.71
  samāhitaḥ—completely dedicated    SB 4.22.51
  samāhitaḥ—applied    SB 4.29.36-37
  samāhitaḥ—controlling his mind and senses.    SB 6.14.15
  samāhitaḥ—with attention.    SB 6.19.18
  samāhitaḥ—being fully absorbed.    SB 7.12.2
  samāhitaḥ—is capable    SB 8.23.2
  samāhitaḥ—with great attention    SB 9.1.15
  samāhitaḥ—always in trance    SB 9.2.11-13
  samāhitaḥ—being very contemplative.    SB 9.3.9
  samāhitaḥ—liberal and good    SB 10.7.13-15
  samāhitaḥ—with great attention and precaution.    SB 10.8.19
  samāhitaḥ—his mind concentrated    SB 10.13.64
  samāhitāḥ—being attentive    SB 4.30.10
  samāhitāḥ—all gathered together.    SB 6.9.20
  samāhitāḥ—full of faith    SB 7.5.6
  su-samāhitaḥ—with great attention    SB 8.16.44-45, SB 8.16.51-52
  su-samāhitaḥ—in perfect discipline    SB 2.5.7
  su-samāhitaḥ—with great attention and care.    SB 6.16.27
  su-samāhitaḥ—very attentive (without diversion to any other subject)    SB 7.9.7
  su-samāhitaḥ—becoming very careful    SB 8.11.39
  su-samāhitāḥ—with proper rituals.    SB 2.6.29
  su-samāhitāḥ—being very careful and attentive.    SB 9.6.26

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