Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: samadhana

  samādhāna—adjustments    Madhya 1.95, Madhya 2.68, Madhya 3.158, Madhya 3.214
  samādhāna—arrangements.    Madhya 6.65, Madhya 11.68
  samādhāna—solution    Adi 4.189
  samādhāna—calculation    Madhya 3.111
  samādhāna—execution.    Madhya 4.62
  samādhāna—service.    Madhya 10.148
  samādhāna—distribution.    Madhya 11.172
  samādhāna—all arrangements.    Madhya 13.65
  samādhāna—care.    Madhya 15.93
  samādhāna—arrangement    Antya 1.16
  samādhāna—solution.    Antya 7.105
  sāmādhāna—arrangements    Madhya 6.66
  ghāṭī-samādhāna—management of payment of tolls    Antya 12.15
  ghāṭi samādhāna—arrangements for expenditures to clear the tax collecting centers    Madhya 16.19
  kaila samādhāna—passed    Madhya 16.94
  kara samādhāna—execute.    Madhya 12.35
  kara samādhāna—execute the management.    Madhya 19.23
  kara samādhāna—please stop.    Antya 12.139
  kare samādhāna—arranges.    Antya 6.305
  kare samādhāna—began to arrange things    Antya 12.32
  kare samādhāna—gave all kinds of service    Antya 13.48
  kari samādhāna—making adjustment    Madhya 9.334
  kari samādhāna—after arranging.    Antya 12.142
  saba samādhāna—all arrangements    Madhya 16.26
  sarva samādhāna—all adjustments    Antya 9.50
  sarva-samādhāna—fulfillment of all necessities.    Madhya 10.35

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