Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: salile

  salile—in the water    SB 2.7.12, SB 3.8.11, SB 3.9.37, SB 3.13.46, SB 3.26.53, SB 4.8.43, SB 9.4.37, Antya 10.47
  salile—water    SB 3.11.32, SB 4.7.42
  salile—while in the water    SB 1.15.11
  abdhi-salile—on the waters of the Causal Ocean    SB 3.20.15
  antaḥ-salile—in the water    SB 3.33.2
  su-gandhi-salile—with scented water    Madhya 15.8

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