Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: sakhara

  śākhāra—of the branch    Adi 10.43, Adi 17.324
  śākhāra—of other branches    Adi 9.12
  śākhāra—branches    Adi 10.3
  śākhāra—branch    Adi 10.162
  śākhāra—of branches    Adi 12.77
  sakhāra—of the friends    Adi 6.62
  dui śākhāra—of the two branches    Adi 10.10, Adi 10.88
  śākhāra gaṇana—enumeration of the branches    Adi 12.91
  sakhāra samāna—as good as friends.    Antya 15.37

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