Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: sabhate

  sabhāte—in the assembly    Madhya 17.104, Antya 7.112
  sabhāte—among all of them    Adi 1.79-80
  sabhāte—in the meeting    Madhya 25.160
  sabhāte—in the presence of all the devotees    Antya 2.76
  sabhāte—in the assembly room    Antya 5.54
  gosāñi-sabhāte—in the assembly of Sanātana Gosvāmī    Madhya 19.18
  sabhāte vasiyā—sitting in an assembly.    Madhya 19.17
  sabhāte āilā—came to the assembly room.    Antya 5.27

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