Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: sabde

  sabde—by the word    Adi 16.56, Madhya 6.133, Madhya 6.274, Madhya 21.58, Madhya 24.16, Madhya 24.27, Madhya 24.73, Madhya 24.77, Madhya 24.165, Madhya 24.298
  sabde—by this word    Adi 7.111, Madhya 24.19, Madhya 24.59, Madhya 24.180
  sabde—by sounds    Adi 17.207
  sabde—in sound vibration    Madhya 21.140
  sabde—by these words    Madhya 24.82
  sabde—by vibrating    Madhya 24.150
  sabde—in the words    Madhya 25.116
  sabde—with the sound vibration    Antya 11.58
  sabde—the word    Antya 16.100
  sabde—sound transcendental    SB 2.4.10
  atma-sabde—by the word atma    Madhya 24.11, Madhya 24.168, Madhya 24.174, Madhya 24.186, Madhya 24.200, Madhya 24.285, Madhya 24.307
  ca-sabde—by the word ca    Madhya 24.148, Madhya 24.162, Madhya 24.202, Madhya 24.221, Madhya 24.223
  anga-sabde—by the word anga    Adi 3.71, Adi 6.22
  muni-sabde—by the word muni    Madhya 24.15, Madhya 24.175
  anga-sabde—by the word anga, or limb    Adi 3.68
  api-sabde—by the word api    Madhya 24.68
  bandhu-han-sabde—by the word "bandhu-han"    Antya 5.145
  bhavani sabde—by the word bhavani ("the wife of Lord Siva")    Adi 16.63
  brahma-sabde—by the word "Brahman"    Madhya 6.147
  brahma-sabde—by the word brahma    Madhya 25.33
  sraddha-sabde—by the word sraddha    Madhya 22.62
  sri-sabde—by the word sri    Adi 16.76
  sri-laksmi-sabde—in the words sri-laksmi    Adi 16.73
  ete-sabde—in the word ete (these)    Adi 2.80
  hunkarera sabde—by the sound of roaring    Madhya 12.146
  kevala-sabde—by the word kevala, or "only"    Adi 17.24
  krama-sabde—in this word krama    Madhya 24.19
  kanti-sabde—by the word kanti    Adi 4.93
  laksmi-sabde—by the word laksmi    Adi 16.76
  mukti-pada-sabde—by the word mukti-pada    Madhya 6.271
  nirgrantha-sabde—by the word nirgrantha    Madhya 24.227
  nara-sabde—by the word nara    Adi 2.38
  param-sabde—by the word param, or supreme    Madhya 20.360
  pra-sabde—by the affix pra    Madhya 24.101
  sama-drsah sabde—by the word sama-drsah    Madhya 8.225
  samah sabde—by this word samah    Madhya 8.225
  satyam sabde—by the word satyam, or Absolute Truth    Madhya 20.360
  sei sabde—by hearing that sound    Madhya 5.99
  sei-sabde—in those words    Antya 5.135
  sei-sabde—by those words    Antya 5.136
  tri-sabde—by the word "three"    Madhya 21.90
  atma-bhuta-sabde—the word atma-bhuta    Antya 7.28
  atma-sabde—by the word atma    Madhya 24.211

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