Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: rupam

  rupam—form    Bg 8.9, Bg 11.3, Bg 11.20, Bg 11.23, Bg 11.47, Bg 11.49, Bg 11.50, Bg 11.51, Bg 11.52, Bg 15.3-4 (and more...)
  rupam—the form    Bg 11.45, SB 5.18.31, SB 5.20.5, SB 7.10.50, SB 7.15.77, SB 9.10.9, Adi 4.156, Adi 5.84, Madhya 21.112
  rupam—beauty    SB 1.11.8, SB 3.23.36-37, SB 5.2.15, SB 6.19.26-28, SB 9.14.23, Madhya 25.77, Antya 17.31
  rupam—Her beauty    SB 8.9.2, Madhya 24.52, Madhya 24.56, Antya 1.169
  rupam—forms    SB 1.3.30, SB 1.15.1, SB 2.2.29
  rupam—universal form    Bg 11.9, SB 2.2.14
  rupam—eternal form    SB 2.9.4, SB 3.15.50
  rupam—Srila Rupa Gosvami    Madhya 19.119, Madhya 24.350
  rupam—bodily features    SB 1.15.43
  rupam—the symptoms of manifestation    SB 2.5.2
  rupam—what beauty    SB 3.20.32
  rupam—that shadowy form    SB 3.20.46
  rupam—body    SB 3.23.47
  rupam—his form    SB 4.12.29
  rupam—the false dress of a saintly person    SB 4.19.17
  rupam—the dress of a sannyasi    SB 4.19.21
  rupam—dress    SB 4.19.22
  rupam—form of the Lord    SB 5.18.7
  rupam—His bodily features    SB 6.4.35-39
  rupam—transcendental form    SB 6.4.40
  rupam—this form    SB 7.9.14
  rupam—the natural position    SB 7.13.27
  rupam—the same bodily features    SB 8.4.6
  rupam—a form    SB 8.24.27
  rupam—beauty of a young man    SB 9.3.12
  rupam—form or substance    SB 10.3.24
  rupam—in Your Visnu form    SB 10.3.28
  rupam—My form as the Supreme Personality of Godhead with four hands    SB 10.3.44
  rupam—beauty    SB 9.10.6-7
  krsna-rupam—the form of Lord Krsna    Madhya 9.117, Madhya 9.146
  ananta-rupam—unlimited form    Bg 11.16
  anama-rupam—without a material name and form    SB 5.19.4
  anama-rupam—one who has no material name or form    SB 9.8.24
  asamaveta-rupam—in an incomplete form    SB 5.9.5
  asva-rupam—not the form of the Lord.    SB 2.6.43-45
  avatara-rupam—the form of the incarnation    SB 5.18.24
  bahu-rupam—taking many forms    SB 6.5.6-8
  bhagavat-rupam—upon the form of the Supreme Personality of Godhead    SB 3.33.23
  saphari-rupam—the form of a fish    SB 8.24.9
  sri-rupam—Rupa Gosvami    Madhya 19.120
  sri-rupam—unto Srila Rupa Gosvami    Antya 3.1
  sri-rupam—unto Srila Rupa Gosvami    Antya 2.1
  go-rupam—the shape of a cow    SB 4.17.3
  guna-rupam—consisting of the three qualities    SB 6.4.29
  iccha-anugrhita-rupam—accepting form according to desire    SB 3.14.50
  jata-rupam—gold    SB 1.17.39
  kama-rupam—the form of lust    Bg 3.43
  nija-rupam asthita—remained in her original demoniac form    SB 10.6.13
  nr-mrga-indra-rupam—the form of both a man and the king of the beasts, the lion.    SB 7.8.18
  nrsimha-rupam—assuming the incarnation Nrsimha    SB 2.7.14
  param rupam—the supreme form    Madhya 19.101
  paurusam rupam—the form of the purusa incarnation    Madhya 20.266
  prati-rupam—Pratirupa    SB 5.2.23
  purva-rupam—the past religious or irreligious condition    SB 6.1.48
  suhrt-rupam—pretending to be a friend    SB 9.19.8
  sva-rupam—original form.    SB 1.9.39
  sva-rupam—his real identity    SB 3.28.37
  sva-rupam—form    SB 5.18.36
  sva-rupam—his original spiritual form    SB 6.2.43
  sva-rupam—the actual form of the Lord    SB 6.4.29
  sva-rupam—real personality    SB 6.17.32
  sva-rupam—the Lord's own form    Adi 1.77
  sva-rupam—the personal form    Madhya 25.36
  tat rupam—that transcendental form    SB 2.9.38
  tat-rupam—His form of body    SB 2.8.9
  tvat-rupam—your manifestation    SB 9.5.7
  yajna-kratu-rupam—having the form of sacrifices without animals and sacrifices with animals    SB 5.7.5
  yat-rupam—the form of whom    SB 5.25.9
  yat-rupam—whose form    SB 10.2.42
  yatha-rupam—in exact conformity with the township of Brahmapuri    SB 5.16.29
  yosit-rupam—the form of a beautiful woman    SB 8.8.41-46

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