Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: ratre

  ratre—at night    Adi 4.109, Adi 14.84, Adi 16.105, Adi 17.34, Adi 17.37-38, Adi 17.209, Madhya 1.94, Madhya 1.151, Madhya 1.237, Madhya 2.7 (and more...)
  ratre—on the night    Adi 17.246
  sei ratre—on that night    Adi 5.180, Adi 17.178-179, Madhya 4.157, Madhya 8.244
  sesa-ratre—near the end of night    Madhya 17.21, Antya 6.166
  sei ratre—that night    Madhya 1.228, Madhya 15.266
  apara-ratre—in the fourth part of the night    SB 6.8.22
  ardha-ratre—during the second part of the night    SB 6.8.21
  ardha-ratre—in the dead of night    Madhya 1.183
  sesa-ratre—at the end of the night    Madhya 4.34
  maha-ratre—in the dead of night    SB 9.14.27
  nitya ratre—every night    Adi 17.42
  ratre uthi—getting up at night    Madhya 13.4
  ratre uthi—rising at night    Madhya 25.178
  ratre asi—returning at night    Antya 1.21

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