Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: rajasa

  rajasa—by the dust    SB 1.14.16, SB 4.6.24, SB 5.1.35, SB 7.6.27
  rajasa—by the mode of passion    SB 3.32.17, SB 5.6.12, SB 5.11.4
  rajasa—by the mode of passion of material nature    SB 3.8.13
  rajasa—by dirt    SB 5.9.9-10
  rajasa—by the material mode of passion    SB 5.10.8
  rajasa—with the quality of passion    SB 10.3.20
  rajasa—by big particles of dust    SB 10.7.22
  rajasa—in the mode of passion    Antya 6.279
  go-rajasa—with the dust floating because of the movements of the cows    SB 10.6.20
  pada-rajasa—by the dust of their lotus feet    SB 7.14.42
  rajasa uparaktah—initiated by the mode of passion    SB 3.8.33
  rajasa avrta—covered by the mode of passion    SB 5.10.5
  tat-kala-rajasa—by the passion of lusty desires at that moment    SB 5.14.9

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