Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: purva

  purva—previous    Bg 6.44, SB 5.14.12, Madhya 12.180, Antya 19.95
  purva—formerly    SB 2.8.11, SB 4.18.4, Adi 10.149, Madhya 4.86
  purva—past    SB 4.29.66
  purva—former    SB 7.10.54-55
  purva—original    Adi 7.20-21
  purva—east    Madhya 25.171
  purva-vat—as previously    SB 6.19.22, Madhya 8.8, Madhya 8.10, Madhya 14.245, Madhya 20.348, Madhya 25.223, Antya 7.3, Antya 7.72, Antya 10.104, Antya 10.104 (and more...)
  purva-vat—as before    SB 3.9.22, SB 5.10.6, Antya 8.83, Antya 15.58, Antya 15.59
  purva-vat—like before.    SB 4.6.51, SB 6.5.34, SB 8.22.14, SB 10.3.52, SB 10.4.1
  purva-purva—of each previous    Madhya 8.85, Madhya 8.85
  purva-vat—as before.    SB 3.31.32, SB 6.10.26
  purva-vat—as in the previous year    Madhya 16.48, Madhya 16.54
  purva-asrame—in My previous asrama    Madhya 9.301, Madhya 9.301
  iksvaku-purva-jan—of whom the eldest was named Iksvaku    SB 9.2.2
  purva dasa—former servant    Madhya 17.92
  purva haite—from before    Adi 4.177
  purva haite—for a very long time    Antya 13.24
  purva haite—for a long time    Antya 13.27
  purva janme—in My previous birth    Adi 17.104
  purva janme—in the previous birth    Adi 17.108
  purva vatsare—in the previous year    Madhya 16.46
  purva ajna—previous orders    Madhya 22.59
  purva-aparam—the beginning and the end    SB 10.9.13-14
  purva-saile—on the eastern horizon    Adi 1.85-86
  purva-satruh—your former enemy    SB 10.4.12
  purva-sloka—he previous verse    Antya 1.112
  purva-desa—for the eastern countries (Bengal).    Madhya 4.108
  purva-deha—of His previous incarnation    SB 4.17.6-7
  purva-disate—to the east    Antya 6.167
  purva-disaya—in the eastern direction    Antya 18.42
  purva-dike—on the eastern side    Madhya 20.135
  purva-dina-praya—almost like the previous day    Madhya 4.94
  purva-distam—fixed previously according to one’s past deeds    SB 6.17.17
  purva-durmati—previous bad disposition.    Madhya 6.240
  purva-granthe—in the previous chapter    Antya 1.10
  purva-ja—the firstborn    SB 2.5.1
  purva-ja—O original Personality of Godhead    SB 7.10.26
  purva-jaih—knowledge suggested by a previous philosopher    SB 2.8.25
  purva-jaih—by your forefathers    SB 8.19.15
  purva-jah—born previously    SB 3.15.12
  purva-jah—born before    SB 7.1.37
  purva-kalevaram—her former body    SB 4.7.58
  purva-katha—previous narration    Madhya 5.7
  purva-krtam—executed in previous births    SB 7.10.39
  purva-likhita—previously mentioned    Antya 1.12
  purva-mukha—facing the east    Antya 6.184
  purva-mukhe—toward the east    Antya 6.171
  purva-paksa—the objections    Adi 2.62
  purva-paksa—opposing side    Adi 2.71
  purva-paksa—objection    Adi 2.108
  purva-paksa—opposing elements    Madhya 6.176
  purva-paksa-apara-paksabhyam—by the period of waxing and waning    SB 5.22.9
  purva-parayoh—the former and the latter    Antya 8.80
  purva-prarthita—as previously petitioned    Antya 7.171
  purva-praya—as before    Antya 14.71
  purva-rite—according to His previous program    Madhya 8.3
  purva-rupam—the past religious or irreligious condition    SB 6.1.48
  purva-rupe—as previously    Madhya 20.192
  purva-raga—purva-raga    Madhya 23.63
  purva-raga—feelings before union    Madhya 23.64
  purva-raga—previous attachment    Antya 1.140
  purva-rajabhih—by the previous members of the royal family    SB 9.11.31-34
  purva-ratrye—on the previous night    Madhya 17.21
  purva-sangi—former associates    Adi 10.127
  purva-sama—the same as previously.    Antya 3.80
  purva-sarge—in a previous millennium    SB 10.3.32
  purva-sevitah—recommended or done by previous acaryas    SB 4.8.58
  purva-seva—previous service    Madhya 14.15
  purva-siddha—as it is already settled    Adi 15.29
  purva-tamaih—by previous    Madhya 3.6
  purva-ukta—as mentioned above    Madhya 21.93-94
  purva-vairinah—past enemy    SB 8.15.25
  purva-vaktrat—from the eastern mouth    SB 3.12.40
  purva-varse—in the previous year    Antya 12.86
  purva-vat—exactly like before.    SB 2.9.39
  purva-vat—as he had done previously.    SB 6.5.29
  purva-vat—as prescribed previously    SB 8.16.46
  purva-vat—as the handcart had been situated before    SB 10.7.12
  purva-vat—as done previously    Madhya 9.7-8
  purva-vat—like the previous year    Madhya 16.49
  purva-vat—like last year    Madhya 16.69
  purva-vat—as mentioned above    Madhya 24.162
  purva-vat—as formerly    Antya 6.242
  purva-vatsarera—of the previous year    Antya 10.56
  purva-vidhi—the former rule    Antya 8.79
  purva-visti-grhitaih—others who were formerly forced to do the task    SB 5.10.1
  purva-vasanaya—by the fructifying results of previous impious activities    SB 5.14.37
  purva-vasaya—to the former residences    Antya 10.54
  purva-rsayah—the sages before you, such as Bhrgu    SB 7.3.19
  purva-asrama—previous situation.    Madhya 6.50
  purva-asrame—in the previous asrama    Madhya 10.103
  purva-adi—beginning from the east    Madhya 20.211
  purva-adibhih—beginning with the front    SB 3.12.37
  purva-adibhih—beginning from the front face    SB 3.12.38
  purva-apara—former and latter    Madhya 18.197
  sva-purva—his own previous    SB 5.9.3
  sva-purva-jah—their older brothers, who had previously gone there.    SB 6.5.25

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