Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: purusottama

  puruṣottama—of the name Puruṣottama    Adi 10.72, Adi 10.80, Adi 10.112, Madhya 1.115
  puruṣottama—Puruṣottama    Madhya 11.90, Madhya 20.204, Madhya 20.205, Madhya 20.215
  puruṣottama—O Supreme Person    Bg 8.1
  puruṣottama—O greatest of all persons    Bg 10.15
  puruṣottama—O best of personalities.    Bg 11.3
  puruṣottama—Lord Puruṣottama    Madhya 20.233
  śrī-puruṣottama—to Jagannātha Purī.    Madhya 3.197
  śrī-puruṣottama—Lord Jagannātha    Madhya 15.135
  śrī-puruṣottama—Jagannātha Purī, or Nīlācala, the place of Puruṣottama    Antya 6.188
  śrī-puruṣottama-dāsa—of the name Śrī Puruṣottama dāsa    Adi 11.38
  līlā-puruṣottama—the Lord Puruṣottama of pastimes    Madhya 20.240
  navadvīpe puruṣottama—Puruṣottama of Navadvīpa    Adi 11.33
  puruṣottama brahmacārī—of the name Puruṣottama Brahmacārī    Adi 12.62
  puruṣottama dekhi—after visiting Jagannātha Purī    Madhya 9.170
  puruṣottama paṇḍita—of the name Puruṣottama Paṇḍita    Adi 12.63
  puruṣottama ācārya—Puruṣottama Ācārya    Madhya 10.103
  puruṣottama-deva—Puruṣottama-deva    Madhya 5.120
  puruṣottama-deva—King Puruṣottama-deva    Madhya 5.122
  puruṣottama-grāma—the place known as Puruṣottama, Jagannātha Purī    Madhya 14.232
  puruṣottama-jānāre—at Puruṣottama Jānā, the prince    Antya 9.99
  puruṣottama-vāsī—the residents of Jagannātha Purī    Madhya 10.24
  puruṣottama-vāsī—residents of Puruṣottama (Jagannātha Purī).    Madhya 10.38
  sañjaya puruṣottama—Sañjaya Puruṣottama    Antya 10.9-11

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