Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: purim

  purim—the city    SB 4.10.21, SB 4.28.10, SB 4.28.24, SB 5.21.7, SB 9.11.25
  purim—city    SB 4.25.26, SB 4.25.29, SB 4.28.11
  purim—in that city    SB 4.25.43, SB 10.1.27
  purim—the capital    SB 3.17.26
  purim—abode    SB 4.6.23
  purim—the abode    SB 4.6.28
  purim—a city    SB 4.10.5
  purim—to the city    SB 4.13.49
  purim—this city.    SB 4.25.35
  purim—in the city    SB 4.25.37
  purim—the city.    SB 4.28.4
  purim—the great township    SB 5.16.28
  purim—the heavenly kingdom    SB 8.15.33
  purim—a palace.    SB 9.2.33
  purim—in his capital    SB 9.7.20
  purim—to Ayodhya-puri.    SB 9.10.32
  purim—the city of Ayodhya    SB 9.10.45-46
  purim—a great town.    SB 9.11.13-14
  purim—to his palace    SB 9.14.40
  purim—into the capital    SB 9.15.29
  purim—to the abode    Antya 1.154
  santi-purim—to Santipura    Madhya 3.1
  indra-purim—to the capital of King Indra    SB 8.15.10-11
  puranjana-purim—the city of Puranjana    SB 4.28.2
  sva-purim—his own town    SB 4.28.7

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