Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: pure

  pure—in Dvārakā    Adi 1.79-80, Madhya 19.190, Madhya 20.187
  pure—in the city    Bg 5.13, Adi 4.74-75
  pure—in Dvārakā Purī    SB 1.14.34
  pure—in the capital    SB 1.15.37
  pure—in the cities    SB 4.14.18
  pure—in his abode, or within everyone’s heart like the Supersoul    SB 6.1.48
  pure—in the body    SB 6.4.24
  pūre—are fulfilled.    Madhya 1.82
  ari-pure—even in the city of enemies    Madhya 23.27
  dvārakā-mathurā-pure—in the two cities Dvārakā and Mathurā    Madhya 20.190
  kamala-pure—to the place known as Kamalapura    Madhya 5.141
  kāśī-pure—at Vārāṇasī    Madhya 19.250
  māhiṣmatī-pure—at Māhiṣmatī-pura    Madhya 9.310
  pūre nāhi—is not complete    Antya 11.19
  pāṇḍara-pure—to Pāṇḍarapura    Madhya 9.282
  suhṛt-pure—in the city of Dvārakā    SB 1.15.22-23
  vaikuṇṭha-ādi-pure—in the abodes of the Vaikuṇṭha planets    Adi 5.222
  vraja-pure—in Vṛndāvana and Dvārakā    Madhya 20.392

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