Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: puram

  puram—the city.    SB 1.11.23, SB 4.29.7
  puram—city    SB 4.27.15, SB 4.28.29
  puram—Dvarakapuri.    SB 1.11.10
  puram—palace    SB 1.18.30
  puram—to the city of Mathura    SB 3.3.1
  puram—the city of Mathura    SB 3.3.10
  puram—body    SB 3.20.50
  puram—to his home.    SB 4.9.27
  puram—to his capital.    SB 4.9.53
  puram—bodies    SB 4.24.64
  puram—a city    SB 4.25.13
  puram—dwelling place    SB 4.29.2
  puram—to his own place    SB 9.3.9
  puram—the residence.    SB 9.6.15-16
  puram—the place of Tripurasura    SB 10.7.29
  puram—full.    Antya 20.154
  antah-puram—inside the house    SB 3.3.6
  antah-puram—within the private house    SB 4.8.63
  antah-puram—female residential quarters    SB 4.12.16
  antah-puram—private residence    SB 4.29.16
  ari-puram—the city of the enemy    SB 2.7.24
  gandharva-puram—a false palace created by the Gandharvas    SB 5.13.3
  gandharva-puram—an imaginary city in the forest    SB 5.13.7
  kama-puram—who fulfills all desires    SB 8.12.47
  puranjana-puram—the city of Puranjana    SB 4.28.3
  puram ca—and the body, society, nation, family or place of nativity    SB 5.11.9
  puram-janam—the Supreme Personality of Godhead    SB 4.30.3
  puram-jayah—Puranjaya (“the conqueror of the residence”)    SB 9.6.12
  sva-puram—own residence    SB 1.8.45
  sva-puram—his own capital    SB 3.22.26-27
  sva-puram—to his own abode    SB 4.11.35
  sva-puram—to his city    SB 4.12.9
  sva-puram—to his own house    SB 4.20.38
  sva-puram—to his own residence    SB 9.3.35
  sva-puram—his own abode    SB 9.9.42
  sva-puram—to his own place    SB 9.20.17
  tri-puram—the three residences    SB 7.10.62
  vahni-puram—to the abode of the fire-god    Madhya 9.211-212

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