Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: puja

  puja—worship    Adi 14.49, Adi 14.68, Madhya 17.88, Antya 3.224
  puja—worshiping    SB 3.29.16, Madhya 11.29-30, Madhya 24.334
  puja—honor    Adi 13.118
  puja—adoration achieved by satisfying mundane people    Madhya 19.159
  anya-puja—other types of worship    Madhya 19.168
  deva-puja—worshiping the demigods    Adi 14.65
  krsna-puja—of the worship of Lord Krsna    Adi 4.84
  krsna-puja—worship of Krsna    Adi 13.66
  krsna-puja—worship of Lord Krsna    Adi 13.70
  maha-puja kaila—he worshiped the Lord with great pomp    Madhya 19.87
  manya-puja—respect and worship    Madhya 21.63
  puja lagi—to perform the worship    Antya 19.26
  puja-arhau—those who are worshipable    Bg 2.4
  puja-artham—for worship    Bg 17.18
  puja-kale—while worshiping    Antya 6.300
  puja-nirvahana—finishing of the worship    Antya 19.27
  puja-patre—on the dish that holds flowers and tulasi    Madhya 15.10
  puja-vidhina—regulated worship    SB 6.19.21
  puja-adite—and in worshiping and so on    Antya 13.132
  saba puja kari—worshiping all the Vaisnavas    Antya 7.71
  ama puja—"Worship Me"    Adi 14.50
  ama puja—just worship Me    Adi 14.66

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