Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: priyavrata

  priyavrata—Priyavrata    SB 3.12.56, SB 4.1.9, SB 4.8.7
  priyavrata—Maharaja Priyavrata    SB 3.21.2
  priyavrata—by King Priyavrata    SB 5.1.39
  priyavrata—of Priyavrata    SB 6.1.4-5
  priyavrata—of King Priyavrata    SB 8.1.23
  priyavrata-naradayoh—in the presence of Priyavrata and Narada    SB 5.1.21
  priyavrata-ratha-carana-parikhataih—by the ditches made by the wheels of the chariot used by Priyavrata Maharaja while circumambulating Sumeru behind the sun    SB 5.16.2
  priyavrata-uttanapadoh—of Priyavrata and Uttanapada    SB 3.22.9
  priyavrata-atmajah—the son of King Priyavrata    SB 5.20.2
  priyavrata-atmajah—the son of Maharaja Priyavrata    SB 5.20.9

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