Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: pravrddha

  pravṛddha—swollen with    SB 3.1.14
  pravṛddha—highly enlightened    SB 3.5.46
  pravṛddha—sufficiently enriched    SB 3.7.42
  pravṛddha—highly agitated    SB 3.14.16
  pravṛddha—well matured    SB 3.14.48
  pravṛddha—having been increased    SB 3.19.15
  pravṛddha—very much advanced    SB 4.24.66
  pravṛddha—enhanced    SB 4.31.28
  pravṛddha—increased    SB 10.8.44
  pravṛddha-bhaktyā—with an attitude of increased devotional service    SB 6.16.31

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