Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: pravesa

  pravesa—entrance    Adi 4.235, Madhya 2.31, Madhya 6.75, Antya 15.95
  pravesa—entrance.    Adi 6.9
  karila pravesa—entered.    Madhya 20.50, Antya 6.159-160
  buddhi-pravesa nahi—my intelligence cannot penetrate    Antya 20.77
  donhate pravesa—entered into Them both (Krsna and Balarama).    Adi 5.153
  hrdaye pravesa—entering into me or manifesting in my heart.    Madhya 24.326
  karena pravesa—enter    Madhya 9.45
  karibena pravesa—will enter    Madhya 11.55
  karila pravesa—entered.    Madhya 14.5
  parakaya-pravesa—the ability to enter anotherís body    SB 5.5.35
  pravesa karila—entered    Antya 19.79
  pravesa karite—to enter into    Madhya 9.363
  pravesa kariya—after entering    Madhya 20.285
  patrera pravesa—the entrance of the players    Antya 1.183
  tri-veni pravesa kari—entering into the water at the confluence of the Ganges and Yamuna at Prayaga    Antya 2.147

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