Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: prapta

  prāpta—obtained    SB 9.23.24
  prāpta—having been achieved    SB 10.3.40
  prāpta—achieved    Antya 14.41
  prāpta—acquired    Antya 14.42
  prāptā—underwent    SB 1.9.13
  prāptā—was attained    SB 3.24.47
  prāptā—went    SB 9.11.10
  kṛcchra-prāpta—undergoing suffering    SB 9.21.3-5
  prāpta-brahma-laya—actually merged into the Brahman effulgence.    Madhya 24.108
  prāpta-brahma-laya—as good as merging into the impersonal Brahman.    Madhya 24.109
  prāpta-ratna—the achieved jewel    Antya 14.35
  prāpta-siddhi—persons who have achieved the success    Madhya 24.158
  prāpta-svarūpa—self-realized    Madhya 24.121
  prāpta-svarūpa—attaining his original status    Madhya 24.134

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