Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: prabhave

  prabhāve—by the influence.    Adi 4.29, Adi 13.120, Madhya 9.40, Madhya 9.67
  prabhāve—by the potency    Madhya 4.79, Madhya 17.51
  prabhave—who increases the influence    SB 4.30.24
  prabhāve—by such illumination    Adi 7.61
  prabhāve—in Your opulence    Adi 7.70
  prabhāve—by influence    Adi 7.105
  prabhāve—by His influence    Madhya 9.68
  prabhāve—by spiritual potency    Antya 3.101
  caraṇa-smaraṇa-prabhāve—by the power of remembering Your lotus feet    Antya 9.135
  darśana-prabhāve—by the influence of His visit    Madhya 9.10
  nārada-prabhāve—by the influence of Nārada    Madhya 24.237
  sva-prabhāve—by His own influence    Madhya 9.66
  tomāra darśana-prabhāve—by the influence of Your visit    Madhya 9.25
  triveṇī-prabhāve—by the influence of the holy place at the confluence of the Ganges and Yamunā    Antya 2.166
  tāṅhāra prabhāve—by His influence    Madhya 16.167

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