Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: pitha

  pitha—cakes    Madhya 3.50, Madhya 15.216, Antya 2.59, Antya 3.32, Antya 10.109, Antya 10.119
  pitha—a wooden platform    Madhya 15.219
  pitha—sitting place    Madhya 15.235
  pitha—temple    Madhya 24.333
  pitha-pana—cakes and sweet rice    Madhya 11.209, Madhya 12.167, Madhya 12.187, Madhya 15.89, Madhya 15.221, Antya 12.126
  anna-pitha-pana—rice, cakes and sweet rice    Madhya 12.154-155
  subhra-pitha—white sitting places    Madhya 3.57
  krsna-pada-pitha-age—before the lotus feet of Krsna    Madhya 21.70
  krsna-pada-pitha-age—in front of the lotus feet of Krsna    Madhya 21.93-94
  nana-prakara pitha—various types of cake    Antya 6.110
  pitha-pana—cakes and condensed milk    Madhya 6.44
  pitha-pana—many kinds of cakes and condensed-milk preparations    Madhya 6.46
  pitha-pana adi—such as cakes and condensed milk    Madhya 9.351
  pitha lana—also taking cakes with them    Madhya 11.181
  pitha-pana la-iba—I will ask for cakes and sweet rice as a fine.    Madhya 12.132
  yoga-pitha—pious temple    Adi 8.50
  asana-pitha—the sitting place    Madhya 15.231

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