Meaning of the Sanskrit Word: phula

  phula—flowers    Adi 9.44, Adi 10.161, Antya 14.109
  phula—flower    Adi 10.78-79
  phula-phala—fruits and flowers    Adi 12.66, Antya 18.102
  bāndhulīra phula—a kind of red flower named bāndhulī    Madhya 12.213
  oḍa-phula—a particular type of flower    Adi 17.39
  patra-phala-phula—leaves, fruits and flowers    Madhya 14.207
  phula-baḍī—small fried pieces of another kind of dhal    Madhya 15.212
  phula-baḍī—light baḍī    Madhya 15.213
  phula-baḍī—a hot dhal preparation    Antya 10.137
  phula-baḍi—a preparation of dāl    Madhya 3.47
  phula-baḍā—soft cake made of dhal    Antya 10.149
  phula-mālā—the flower garlands    Adi 14.51
  phula-phala bhari—loaded with fruits and flowers    Madhya 17.201
  phula-phala-patra-yukta—dressed with fruits, flowers and leaves    Madhya 14.32
  phula-phale—with flowers and fruits    Adi 11.6
  tila-phula—the blossom of the sesame plant    Adi 3.44

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